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Large Open Pocket Train in DGM



Condition: Excellent Condition


Extra character, natural markings in leather
Change in strap length (please add the exact change in length in the description)
Not original purchaser

Seller Notes: Gorgeous bag with lovely inners, but it's just too big for me. Never test packed or carried. Bag style Open Pocket Train Size Large Body color(s) Double Gilded Mink (DGM) Lining Blue Jane Base lining Navy Textile Strap style 46” Fixed Strap color Weathered Cigar Closure Drawstring Zipper Color Interior Navy Hardware finish Antique Silver Zipper Pull DGM Other add ons or substitutions 46” Fixed Strap. There's an ink mark. It's not very noticeable, so I haven't tried to remove it.


Sold by Debi H

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