• preloved 'be the designer' customs

    The official Rough & Tumble destination to list your new + like new custom designs or shop the design community for a one-of-a-kind style.

  • A new way to sell custom designs

    This is a curated platform to connect the Rough & Tumble design community to purchase pre-loved custom designs at a reduced price. Also, with the opportunity to resell customs that no longer fit your collection. In return, you earn money (*bonus 10% credit) towards the next design and the community grows together!
  • How It Works For...

    Post it

    Take a few pics, answer some questions, and submit for review.

    Ship it

    After it’s sold, we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label to ship it.

    Get paid

    Receive your funds once it’s been received and verified.

  • Treet is our partner to help manage this amazing peer-to-peer secondhand experience. They handle the logistics, customer support, and the technical side of things behind Rough & Tumble Pre-Loved Customs. As a user, you’ll interact with their team at times throughout your shopping experience. Learn more here.